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U.S. Army Characterizes People “Frustrated With Mainstream Ideologies” As Terrorists !

October 3, 2012

How to “diagnose” a Terrorist.

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Paul Joseph Watson
October 2, 2012

A leaked U.S. Army document obtained by Wired Magazine characterizes people “frustrated with mainstream ideologies” as potential terrorists, while also framing those who “believe in government conspiracies” as violent radicals.

“These are some warning signs that that you have turned into a terrorist who will soon kill your co-workers, according to the U.S. military. You’ve recently changed your “choices in entertainment.” You have “peculiar discussions.” You “complain about bias,” you’re “socially withdrawn” and you’re frustrated with “mainstream ideologies,” writes Spencer Ackerman.

The manual (PDF) was produced in 2011 by the Asymmetric Warfare Group, a unit within the U.S. Army headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland. The document is intended to weed out “internal threats” within the ranks of U.S. soldiers.

Given that both the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have identified returning veterans as one of the primary domestic terror threats, the document is seemingly designed to spot such radical extremists well ahead of time.

Examples of behavior that is considered an indication of potential terrorism include the following;

– Complaining about bias;

– Being frustrated with “mainstream ideologies”;

– Being reclusive;

– Believing in government conspiracies “to the point of paranoia”;

– Visiting “extremist” websites or blogs;

– Altering your reading habits;

– Having “peculiar discussions”;

– Being “highly emotional”;

– Using “social networks”.

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U.S. Army Characterizes People “Frustrated With Mainstream Ideologies” As Terrorists !


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