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U.S. Drops To Lowest Rank Ever in Economic Freedom.

September 21, 2012

Special Interests control America not the vote of the people. Special Interests own every Republican and Democratic candidate.

As we look to what might have caused such a precipitous decline, we have to acknowledge 9/11, the subsequent War on Terror and a culture of corporate and banking corruption never before seen in the history of the world.

As the U.S. economic decline has crumbled under a barrage of regulations, banker bailouts, infinite money printing, and even more proposals for draconian economic management, the U.S. has seen a proportional erosion of basic civil liberties that is perhaps most obvious in the complete reversal of constitutional principles like under the National Defense Authorization Act.

In real terms, private food cooperatives have been raided and closed, children have had their lemonade stands closed, raw milk dairies are treated like drug dealers, banks have fraudulently foreclosed on millions of homes, and failed companies receive massive taxpayer bailouts while new start-ups remain starved of capital.  All of these actions directly contravene voluntary principles at the heart of freedom, economic or otherwise.

By every measure, the facade of the United States as Land of the Free and Home of the Brave — a place built by rebel entrepreneurs — is quickly breaking away and revealing a core that is becoming increasingly defined by outward fear and imperialism, and an internal corruption and decadence made worse by an extreme lack of self-respect. The new model is one of centralized, nanny state control over every facet of the lives of an economically and politically terrified population.

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U.S. Drops To Lowest Rank Ever in Economic Freedom.

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