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Hypocrisy Not Democracy In America.

September 20, 2012

Neither of the corporate , private bank, and special interest bought candidates for 2012 will do anything to help Americans. They are but two sides of the same coin. Think about it , every four years presidential candidates promise to make improvements ,and every four years things get worse. And the process repeats every four years with the majority taking the bait.

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* Will either candidate offer a solution for the real unemployment level of 23%?

* Will they do anything in regards to half of all American households living in poverty or bordering on it ? Remember, in today’s economy, many are one paycheck away from the poorhouse. Oh, how outsourcing and globalization has helped our economy ! It enriched the corporate fat cats at the expense of the worker mice.

* What of the 50 million Americans facing hunger ? Let them starve they say ! We need to cut back on entitlements, but it’s imperative that we spend 692 billion on “defense” and never ending wars.

* Do you think you will regain any of the freedoms that government has taken upon itself to legislate out of existence ? How many more will be legislated as felonies in the coming years ? This country already has 10 million laws on the books. 

I wouldn’t count on them doing anything for the common man and woman. After all , this is a country that will discard it’s own Veterans after they’ve served their usefulness. In America if you aren’t part of the monied “Ruling Elite”, you are viewed of as disposable. Remember, they want people just smart enough to keep their machine running, but dumb enough to never realize the plight they’re actually in.

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Hypocrisy Not Democracy In America

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