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Osama And Al-Qaeda = America’s Emmanuel Goldstein And Brotherhood.

September 8, 2012

  Osama was nothing more than a CIA creation and America’s Emmanuel Goldstein.

  Osama may be “dead” now, however the U.S.A. still has the The_Brotherhood.

Even the BBC admits that Al-Qaeda never existed –

Here is a gallery showing the fake Bin Ladens and sloppy U.S. propaganda –

  These so-called ” terrorists” are blamed for the need for extra security. What they do not tell you is that it is your own government behind these attacks in a bid for more power over our life ! Unfortunately many would rather live safe and secure in a tiny fishbowl rather than be free to roam the pond. George Bush so famously said that the “terrorists” hate us because of our freedoms. Well the federal government has done more to curtail our freedoms than any terrorist organization. And it just wasn’t Bush and his Patriot Act as Obama has signed the NDAA into law. 

When will the American people realize that whomever they vote for, Republican or Democrat , they lose ? It’s a charade and both parties whilst working against each other in public, are actually working together behind the scenes.

Wake up Americans ! The jokes on you !

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