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TSA Set To Harass Even More Travelers.

September 8, 2012

Just go back to sleep

The false flag attack of 9-11 and the ensuing Patriot Act have done ever so much to secure our freedoms. Now we cannot even travel without going through the prison experience of being patted down or even forced to strip. And just how many unfortunate women have been sexually fondled and violated by TSA goons ? Now the TSA will be expanding its harassment to bus terminals, train stations, highways , or  basically where ever  transportation happens. I can just see it now –

Yet more documents uncovered under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that in the year prior to rolling out radiation body scanners in airports, the TSA was drawing up long term plans to deploy the machines at “ferry terminals, railway, and mass transit stations” as well as unspecified “other locations.”

“You can expect [the scanners] at train stations, bus stations, subways, highways, cruise ships, and anywhere that “transportation” happens (i.e., everywhere).” Corbett writes. “And, where the body scanners go, so does the groping, since the body scanners have at least a 40% false positive rate which needs to be resolved by blue-gloved gestapo,” he adds

Full Article –

TSA Set To Harass Even More Travelers


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