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The GOP And DNC Both See You As Disposable.

September 7, 2012


A ” change ” you can believe in ?


If not you can always vote for Obomney !

Neither political party will admit that when US corporations offshore
their production for US markets, Americans are removed from the
incomes associated with the production of the goods and services that
they consume. Offshoring is defended by both moronic political parties
as “free trade.”  In fact, offshoring is the gift of what was US GDP to China,
India, and the other countries to which US corporations locate their production that they sell to Americans. US GDP goes down, the GDP
of the countries who make the American goods sold to Americans goes
up. The idiot free market economists call the de-industrializing of America
“free trade.”
As an intelligent economist–an oxymoron– would know, destroying
consumer incomes by moving their jobs to other countries, leaves
consumers without incomes to purchase the imported offshored goods.
Neither American political party recognizes this disconnect. Neither
party can afford to recognize it, as both parties are dependent on
corporate campaign financing, and offshoring boosts executive bonuses
and share prices. A political party that opposes offshoring of US jobs
simply does not get financed.
In other words, Washington’s moral force no longer exists.  All that
exists is financial and military force, and both will fail as they are
The US government represents Israel and the one to ten percent. Everyone else is disposable. Regardless of the political party whose lever is pulled in November, every American who votes will be voting for Israel and for their own demise.
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