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Contempt For The Media Manipulators.

September 7, 2012

“Everything is okay so just sit there and obey ! We will offer you endless entertainment and junk food. There is no reason to get off of the couch, you are still free , free to consume and to do as we tell you to do. Can you desire anything more ?”

Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” tells the story of two charlatans who persuade the emperor to let them weave beautiful new garments for him. In reality, the charlatans are weaving nothing. They are only pretending as they perpetrate a huge hoax on the emperor and his court. Anyone who could not see the lovely cloth, said the charlatans, was stupid. Not wishing to be thought stupid, the emperor and his court all persuade themselves that they see the clothes. They went along with what they were told by the charlatans.

Today, a perfect equivalent to the fairy-tale charlatans exists in the reporters for the mainstream media. Today’s media charlatans weave beautiful but false tales and mock anyone who doesn’t accept their latest hoax. Lacking the time and resources to dig deeper, or merely lacking discernment, many members of the public, not wishing to be thought stupid, accept what they are told by the media charlatans. It doesn’t matter whether the whopper du jour is that the emperor has new clothes or that the current media message is false, a lie is still a lie.

Style without substance. Talent without truth. Skill without integrity. Today’s news is filled with lies … and with sex, Hollywood trash, buffoonery, and adolescent nonsense. But the corruption goes beyond the newsrooms and editorial desks. It pervades the entire broad spectrum of the mainstream media, including the entertainment media, as well. Whether you seek to relax with music, television, sports, or movies, you cannot escape the lies cultivated by every branch of today’s media.

We are engaged in psychological warfare every day. Not a battle with guns and swords, but a battle between virtue and hedonism, between truth and lies, between intellectual honesty and propaganda. Psychological warfare is the perfect term for this battle, with the mainstream media leading the charge for the army of liars who want to destroy our culture. While there have certainly been evil, lying tyrants in the past who were willing to target their freedom-loving opponents, there has never been a time in history when such destructive psychological attacks were disseminated on such a broad scale with such overwhelmingly harmful results.

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Contempt For The Media Manipulators

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