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What Do They Know About Struggle ?

September 6, 2012

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Michelle Obama tells some whoppers ! This is especially asinine when the majority of Americans do struggle just to make it.

Michelle claims that her and Barack struggled to make ends meet. That Barack
once drove a rusted out car and had to forage for furniture out of dumpsters. the facts are quite different from her fairytale rags to riches story.

What Do They Know About Struggle ?

These are the people who truly struggle whilst out of touch ruling elites live in fantasy land.

The permanent unemployment economy of America

Half of America in poverty

The jobs have moved overseas in the name of globalization.

That’s okay the politicians will say. You can always get a job at the Dollar Store with low pay and no benefits.

The ruling elite thinks that your living standards are too high. Welcome to the American neighborhood of the future.

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