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Pretty Much Everything Is Illegal In America

September 6, 2012

Prohibition was the law of the land for awhile, and then it was repealed by an overwhelming majority of the people of this place.

What has happened in the intervening years, to the present moment, is that Amerika has now become hostage to corporate-business standards that are no longer regulated or controlled.

This has left the public at the mercy of 80,000 new laws annually; all of which seek to enforce massive regulations which do not permit any choice, in any area of our lives, much less free-enterprise when it comes to how we can live what’s left of our lives.

What “Amerika” has become is a totally controlled slave state that is in-service to the New World Order, and yet this FACT has still not been recognized by the dumb-ass public who continue to stumble through life as if none of these new Orwellian laws have had any effect on our daily lives at all. How cynical this has become? To have actually done-away-with the national PROHIBITION against alcohol; only to institute the same prohibitions against the people’s right to engage in commercial enterprise in every other area of life! (1)

From lemonade stands to organic foods and beyond nothing is legal in this country anymore and what is still permitted is so heavily laden with permissions, licenses and fees as to be prohibitively ridiculous: And none of these new regulations are legally applied. However, because the government has introduced all these limitations under false headings and illegal measures—there would seem to be no way to counter this massive attack upon the whole of life in what once was the United Stated of America.

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Pretty Much Everything Is Illegal In America


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